Fedora 16 now being served, with large side order of cloud

What happens when 24,000 geeks contribute to a single open source project? Fedora 16, that's what. The watery 'Verne' update is based on Linux kernel 3.1.0 and comes with a bunch of enterprise-friendly improvements, including better support for cloud-based processing and storage systems, more flexible desktop virtualization using SPICE USB, and version 3.2 of the Gnome desktop, which -- aside from being pretty -- offers greater scope for storing and managing user accounts online.

There's some fun stuff too, including Firefox 7.0.1, a Rhythmbox app for music, and Shotwell for photo management. If any of this might make your life easier or more fulfilling, then explore the PR after the break and then head to the source link to download.


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