WIMM One Android wearable gets developer release

A few months back we got hands-on with a new wearable Android device called the WIMM One. You may remember the one-inch square touchscreen device packed a silly amount of tech -- Bluetooth, accelerometer, WiFi, etc -- into its diminutive form. Well now it's back, and is available to any developer willing to drop $299 on it.

Since we last strapped it to our wrists, WIMM has created a dev community with forums for those keen to build, create and share micro apps for the device. Dedicated apps for Android and Blackberry devices are imminent, and iOS is in the post. A few dedicated apps are already surfacing, including a port of the popular SportyPal app, but we expect this number to grow pretty quickly from today. We've got one here ready to go, so we'll be putting it through its paces -- or the other way around -- real soon.

via engadget


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