Free Domain and URL Forwarding courtesy of Dot.Tk

Today I am writing a tut about how to make a free domain by using including use URL forwarding to the site. This time I will discuss the guidelines or how to register a free domain with, and I think this domain is the best.

I say that because usually when we use the free domain, then our blog will use a sub domain provider, such as "". But this time provide full service domain, so that later the name of our site to be more succinct like "".

1. Sign on to Dot TK

The main thing of course open site, then click "webdomain" in the navigation menu, it will be automatically forwards to the page.

After entry the page, we will choose a domain name we want, with a note that domain name is still available or not used by other people. In this example I create a domain with the name "levan-design", after writing a domain name click Next.

After choosing a domain, asking if we choose "Free domain" or "Paid domain". If we choose "Free domain" the domain condition that we make must have a minimum of 25 hits in 90 days, if is not will remove your new domain ' " automatically. but I think 25 Hits within 90 days is not too difficult.

2. Manage DNS Server

If we were to choose "Free domain" then provide the option "use DNS for this domain" so that we can direct our website or blog on a domain. tk we are. And this is a very interesting new service from, denan this way we can direct our nameserver like a paid domain name.

Option 1 : Then enter the name server that has been provided by your web hosting, and in this sample i use because the site provides free web hosting. usually use a name server or

Or we can choose option 2 is URL forwarding the course much easier to configure, with URL forwarding the original blog or web addresses us directly in the switch to the address ""

On this page we are required to fill a valid email address, because after we Signup we need the activation code to start a new domain we set, then please write back letters that appear in pictures maybe to prove that you are not a robot.

When everything is finished click Next

Manage DNS Server

Next, please fill in name and password

Registration is completed, please open your email for activation

3. Changing DNS Settings

When you're done for activation please Login.

How to change the DNS here is similar to the way that I described above.

How do you think? It's great if you want to share your opinions with me here and good luck.


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