From Globe Tattoo to Smart Bro: Slow and Slower

I have to give it to Globe. After months of frustration with both my ex-Handyphone and my Globe Tattoo, at least one of these was solved. I think they finally assigned my case to someone. A guy from Globe Tattoo called at least 4-5 times (named Ronald I think) to make sure my case was filed correctly. He tried to troubleshoot too, but I think we all know nothing came out of that.

So then another Globe person, Veng or Beng Gutierrez called me up from a Handyphone number and followed up with my refund request for Globe Tattoo until I finally got it. I'll give her that. She made things happen. But more importantly, she spoke solid English. If she's not at least a supervisor there, she deserves to be. My Handyphone issue is still ongoing but I'm too pissed to think about that.

Let's move on to Smart. That's what we do, right? If we're unsatisfied with a product, we jump to the competition. If I remember right, Smart Bro has that speed test commercial. Well, I'll get the pictures from my other PC and I'll post the download pace next time. But basically it's like this. With Globe, I was very happy for a week before it stopped working forevermore. Smart Bro just crawls! I'm seeing slowness that makes me nostalgic for a modem handshake. I've had my Smart Bro for about 4 days now.

And it's turtle slow!!! But let me explain it in a way everyone can appreciate. Don't we all love the instantaneous loading, clean interface of With Smart Bro, opening takes about 3 minutes. And don't tell me it was a peak hour. I've tried it at several time slots. And it's not a signal issue either. I think there were 3-4 bars when I tried connecting. I'm too emotionally tired to bitch to Smart today. Maybe sometime this week, I'll call them. But so far, here's my recommendation for you surfers out there.

Don't use Globe Tattoo. Don't use Smart Bro. Is there a third competitor somewhere?

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