Globe Telecom Tattoo: The Tradition of Bad Customer Service Continues

Remember my problems with Globe before? Guess what? It's still not over. Sigh. You know, back when I was supporting Xbox, we had a term called "Hot Mail": that's when a customer e-mails a high ranking Microsoft employee directly. Those issues are given supervisor level priority. Hmmm...gotta find me one of those for Globe.

So here's my mea culpa: I keep patronizing them. Kick me please.

A couple of weeks of weeks ago, I was on the market for some prepaid Internet provider. Silly me, I decided to try Globe Tattoo. It worked fine actually. It was easy to install and use; a true plug and play. For about a week, I connected fine during most hours (9 PM's a crawl). But then all of a sudden, it just stopped working. Mt ping tests kept showing lost packets although I didn't change any configuration. When I connected the PC to our Bayantel connection, I could browse just fine. So this wasn't a browser issue.

Here goes...

I called up customer service about 4-5 times in the past week and a half. No one was able to help me. I was promised callbacks that never came. And I still can't connect! Auuuggggh!!! So here's a free tip from experience: do not buy Globe Tattoo. If you don't have switching costs to think about, don't patronize Globe at all. I'd switch numbers if it wasn't such a bother.

As a footnote, do you know that the best telecom customer service I've had is with Bayantel. Whenever I have a problem, they can pretty much fix things on the spot. If not that, they fix it within the scheduled time. And the queue's not so bad. PLDT would have to be number two since they probably maintain a service level of 1%. In non-call center speak, that means they answer calls after an hour of waiting. Globe's in 3rd and last place for lying to me all the time. I have no experience with Sun so they don't count.

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