Globe Telecom: My Three Weeks of Bad Customer Service

Let me tell you what I need to happen with my Globe Handyphone accounts. You tell me if it's simple or complicated.
  • Phone Number 1 (PN1) - I paid P2,500 when I meant to do it for Phone Number 2 (PN2). In effect, this account has a credit balance / overpayment. PN1 is under my dad's name.
  • What I want to happen is to zero out the balance of PN1 and transfer whatever overpayment there was to PN2. According to the first customer service representative (CSR) that I talked to, this was possible.
  • I want to close PN1 and just keep PN2.
Are you still with me? So these are the things that have happened since mid Feb.
  • I have e-mailed the letter of authorization 8-9 times to
  • I have faxed the same letter of authorization at least 10 times to 739-3002 (Globe's fax number)
  • I have called around seven times averaging 30 minutes to an hour each time.
  • I have been promised a callback each time. I've never received a callback The latest liar was allegedly named Macy Marquez with a 7 AM - 4 PM shift (she promised to call before end of shift)
  • I have e-mailed explanations (sometimes with the letter of authorization) around ten times.
  • I have been asked for a letter of authorization each time I called (see how many times I've sent it).
  • The overpayment was removed from PN1 but not credited to PN2. I was promised that it would be added to PN2 in the last billing cycle.
  • I've received around 3 replies from Globe (check how many times I've e-mailed).
So tell me. What am I missing from this picture? Was my request difficult to begin with?

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