Hawking Technology H2WR54G Dual WAN Router

Hawking H2WR54G is a wireless-g dual WAN router from Hawking Technology. It has 4-port built-in switch supporting 10/100mbps wired data transmission. Hawking H2WR54G combined both wired and wireless networking, giving you the freedom to connect however and wherever you want.

When it comes to security, Hawking H2WR54G router is equipped with hardware-based firewall protection utilizing a Stateful Packet Inspection Technology in addition to its Denial Of Service attacks protection and Network Address Translation (NAT), like other routers, Hawking H2WR54G has a VPN pass-through feature.

Hawking H2WR54G also supports 802.11b/g connectivity, supporting 4 modes such as an Access Point, AP Bridge - Point to Point, AP Bridge Point to Multi-point and AP Bridge - WDS. All wireless data transmissions are secured using WEP (WEP static key), WPA (WPA Personal, WPA RADIUS) to ensure that your wireless network is protected from the outsiders.

Personally, I like Hawking H2WR54G because of its dual WAN feature, doing Load Balancing and Fail-over giving me fast and reliable internet connection at the same time giving me the mobility i need. It’s just like hitting two birds with one stone.

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