Hawking H2WR54G Wireless Encryption Fix

Warning: This fix involves upgrading your Hawking H2WR54G router’s firmware and may result to unusable router, it may also void your router’s warranty. The author will not be held liable to whatever damage it may caused while/by following this guide. This guide doesn’t apply to other Hawking Wireless products. You’ve been warned, you may proceed at your own risk.

This guide will fix the H2WR54G wireless encryption problem which is when the router is set to use WEP encryption, the router is not able to assign dynamic IP address to the connecting wireless client. This will also fix the problem of SSID is broadcasting even if you have it disabled. This problem is only present to firmwares 1.32 and below.

Let’s get this fixing started.

1. Download the latest H2WR54G firmware from hawking support page, currently the latest version of firmware is 1.44.

2. After downloading the firmware, login to the router’s setup page, by default it is, username is admin and 1234 is the password.

3. After you have logged in to the router’s setup page, click on tools then firmware upgrade from the left menu. you will then be presented with the firmware upgrading page.

4. Click on browse button and select the firmware that you have just downloaded. Click the Apply button, the router will then start the upgrading process and eventually reboot itself.

5. After the router has rebooted itself, login to the router’s setup page and setup the wireless encryption you want to use, in this case it’s WEP (I don’t encourage the use of WEP encryption, if it’s possible for you to use WPA or WPA2 then much better).

6. After setting up your wireless encryption, click on NAT (Network Address Translation) and click enable, then click Save.

7. Click on the Apply and Reboot button below the menu, the router will then reboot itself and that would be all.

8. You may start connecting to your wireless router now.

If you have problems connecting to your router after following the guide above then please leave a comment and we will try to fix it together.


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