Internet Is The Most Widely Used Media in USA, Europe, and China

The use of the Internet has overtaken the conventional television and other media in the United States, Europe and the Republic of China, according to a survey of digital consumption between about 50,000 users, 16 to 60 years of age in 46 countries. Television is still the preferred medium in Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Africa, while India remains the classic paper newspaper used the most, ahead of television, radio and the internet.

Of all consumers surveyed, 61 percent said they accessed the Internet daily, 54 percent consume television daily, 36 percent listen to the radio, and 32 percent read daily newspapers. According to Jordi Ferrer, head of Digital Life study presented today in Madrid, the explanation for the preference of the Internet in more developed countries, is that “digital media needs answers more than anything else.”

The report discusses the activities and interests of consumers online and reveals that he spends more time on social networks -4.6 hours per week, which e-mail, -4.4 hours and websites, with 3.9 hours per week or news reading, 2.7 hours. With regard to social networks, the study shows that the mean of friends per user is 120, although in Latin America reaches 200, with the Brazilians who attached more friends to your account with 231.

In the case of commercial products, the study concludes that social networks are an average of four marks included as friends. Digital Life completes digital consumer portrait with six different profiles: the influential, the functional, the seeker of knowledge, networked, and aspiring communicators.


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