Newest Development in Chinese Internet

The biggest legal news story of the week in China involves the battle between the people and the Chinese government and the Internet sanctions that they placed on the country. This is one of the legal news stories that has probably driven more press than any other legal news story. This legal news story is so important to the country because it involves so many. The legal news of the Internet law in China first started when the Chinese government announced a tightening of restrictions on the Internet activity in the country.

The legal news stories have been pouring out about the issue ever since. The legal news stories revealed in its earliest legal news stories that the projected belief by the public as to why the Chinese government has tightened up on their Internet laws because they felt the need to. The legal news sources stated that China felt the need to do in order to prevent the country from getting completely off track. Therefore, as many of the legal news stories have reported, the Chines government decided to forbid certain popular websites that encouraged video streaming, and social websites that had presented a wide range of views, to be forbidden from the usage. Since then, the legal news stories about the matter began to flourish.

1. After the initial announcement by the Chinese officials, the legal news stories started to be released of the ways that many in the country have worked to get around the recent Internet laws. The legal news stories have stated that there were other versions of these forbidden websites that were being created to replace the social and media websites that they have grown to know and love. As soon as the legal news stories have announced these alternative websites that were newly created to serve the same purpose of the forbidden, there were follow up legal news stories which stated that those sites were banned as a result.

2. The latest legal news story is much of the same. You are probably not surprised to hear that the newest set of legal news stories involve the same context as that of the previous. This legal news story comes just after the popularity of the widespread version of the Chinese version of Twitter and Facebook, that was created in an attempt to get by the new Internet law restrictions in China. The legal news circuit is saying that this has once again been attempted. The legal news circuit say that the new websites that are being duplicated this time around is a Chinese version of Google called Goojji. The second duplication that has been made as reported by the legal news circuit is another version of YouTube called Youtubecn.


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