List of Top Free Cloud Based Services

Cloud based services are not new to us. In fact any service that is on a remote server and the end-user access over a high-speed internet can be called a cloud service. The advantage of these cloud based services are we get to access them anytime and anywhere. Service providers are more into such applications that can give the users on the go access to their favorites.

Here is a list of free cloud based services that are famous and worth using in their respective niche. We have tried to cover all major services out there and shall keep updating. For easy navigation we are listing the apps based on categories.

Cloud based file syncing and sharing services :

1) Dropbox

Dropbox is a free service that makes it easy to securely share and sync files across multiple computers and mobile phones. You can upload docs, images, mp3 etc either via their web interface or desktop app and then access them from mobile apps. The Dropbox API brings forth a plethora of features. You can check our post on Ultimate List of Dropbox Add-ons for Windows, Mac and Linux.

2) Zumodrive

Zumodrive is a similar service and an alternative to Dropbox. With Zumodrive you can add files to cloud and later access all files from any device. All files can be streamed over and even cached for offline use.

Coud based Operating Systems :

1) eyeOS

eyeOS is an Open Source project that provides a Web Operating System. This cloud based OS includes Word Processor, SpreadSheets, Calendar, Contacts, mp3 player, and an RSS feed reader. You can read and write files just like you work on a native desktop OS.

2) Cloudo

Cloudo is a cloud based Operating System that resembles a Linux KDE environment with transparent menus, big icons, a built-in search tool in the Menu and one click access to frequently used apps. Cloudo has many built-in apps like textpad, champ audio player, calendar, weather widget, RSS feeds etc.

3) abbreviated as Global Hosted Operating SysTem, is a free virtual computer that hosts all of your files and applications on the web so that they can be accessed from any other device. includes and provides features like web desktop, webmail, online file system and sharing.

Cloud based music sharing services :

1) Grooveshark

Grooveshark is free cloud based music streaming service that can play your favorite tracks continuously for hours. All the audio files are stored on their server and has a large collection of songs. The songs are listed based on popularity, genre or even you can create an entirely new playlist.

If you want to save songs from Grooveshark to your computer, check this post here.

2) mSpot

mSpot allows users to upload and store audio files on cloud. The uploaded files can them be streamed over to any other computer or mobile devices. Mobile apps available can be used to access mSpot service on the move.

Cloud based document processors :

1) Google Docs

Google Docs is Google’s free web-based word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation application. The online app allows users to easily share documents and collaboratively work on them in real-time. With Google docs spreadsheets you can embed on blog posts and have polls, survey etc.

2) Microsoft Web Apps

Microsoft web apps is Microsoft’s answer to Google docs. This application makes use of their already existing service SkyDrive to store all document files and provide tools to edit. Everything happens online. You can create and edit Word, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint slides etc. The files can even be embedded on blog posts.

Cloud based Image Editors

1) Pixlr

Pixlr is a Photoshop alternative available on the cloud. With no login required Pixlr has a cool set of tools, adjustments and filters and other tools such as layers, image adjustments, and the magic wand.

2) Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint is a cloud based feature rich image editor that lets you create awesome image effects. The features include Layer FX, Change Layers With Blending Modes, change layer alpha, Shapes Tool, Brushes, Ink Brush Tool, Gradient Tool, Shape Trails, Zooming, Symmetry Tool , Color Picker, Swatches, Smudge Tool, and Custom Shape Tool.

Feel free to comment and let us know of more cloud based services out there worth sharing.


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