Netherlands will adopt QR code on their coins

When we were thinking that the future of the money was actually in credit and debit cards, virtualizing our increasingly rich currency, the Netherlands presents what is the world's first coin to contain a QR code printed on one side. This money will receive the code to celebrate 100 years of Dutch Mint, located in Utrecht, and it is being produced.

QR codes are an evolution of the bar code, which lets you enter text or links or anything else in a square with internal markings and can be read by most smartphones we have today. The coins will be produced with limited and silver to the value of five euro cents and gold for 10 cents and will be running the country from June 22 this year.

The code they carry will contain a link to the site This initiative would be nice for a kind of advertising within the currency, lowering its cost of production, or for something that might hinder the coins. Needless to say I want one of these coins to save memory, is not it?

via The Times Rich


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