Shooting in 3D can be cheap and fun

Director James Cameron to prepare for the competition (especially juvenile): The DXG released a 3D camera - DXG-018 model - which costs only $ 69.99 USD in the United States.

In five different colors (pink, purple, orange, yellow, orange and green), the unit has two lenses and a 0.3M CMOS image sensor, ISO 100, to focus on objects with distances from 6 inches. Saves images on SD cards up to 16GB, with image resolution of 1.3 MP, with the display speed of 1 / 20 to 1 / 4000 per second. Coupled with a pair of AAA batteries, the camera measures 4.8? x 0.83? x 1.93? and weighs about 55 grams without batteries.

For the price and simplicity, do not expect much of the equipment, however. The camera comes with a 3D viewer (a kind of paper tube with two lenses), where you can see the benefits in the third dimension of the printed photos from the camera. Finally, it is worth the fun.

via SlashGear


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