PLDT-Digitel merger discontinued?

Here’s some local telecom news.

The mega merger between PLDT and Digitel may not proceed as plan if NTC’s regulatory approval is not secured by August 26. This was the statement of PLDT chairman and CEO, Manuel V. Pangilinan. They (PLDT) are blaming Globe Telecom and other oppositors for the “protracted proceeding” at the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), who’s currently reviewing the proposed deal to acquire Digital Telecommunications Philippines Inc. (Digitel).

In an article by GMA News, PLDT Corporate Secretary Ma. Lourdes Rausa-Chan said in a disclosure to the PSE last Friday, “What should have been a straightforward summary proceeding turned into protracted proceeding as Globe and other oppositors raised extraneous matters.”.

Of course that’s just the one side of the coin (for the full article use the source link below), but one thing is sure here, if the deal is approved Philippines will only have 2 major telecom provider and it’s gonna be like David and Goliath. PLDT (Goliath) will now get (Stronger?) and gets the bigger slice of the pie, while Globe (David) will be left with nothing but crumbs, also NTC may no longer be significant and relevant, since PLDT will be too large and powerful to control or regulate.

But if the deal is discontinued, we can all (including Globe) now sleep at night and stop worrying about a company that wants to take over the Philippines.

So what do you think about the the PLDT-Digitel merger? Do you want it to proceed or not? Comments are welcome.

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