Which is better PLDT myDSL or Globelines Broadband DSL?

If you’re someone like me, someone who spends so much time on the internet – not for the fun of it – but because of work then stability is the most important factor that needs to be taken into account when looking for an ISP. Unfortunately, we don’t really have other options except for PLDT DSL and Globelines as our ISP. Our first internet connection was hooked up by Globelines in 2009. Back then there were already plenty of instances when our speed would fluctuate or we would experience intermittent connection. Of course, if your job is that important to you and if you rely on the internet then these things are unacceptable.

Another problem with our connection with Globelines was their inability to fix our problems right away. I have a feeling that plenty of their consumers feel the same way. Our last problem was about intermittent connectivity which lasted for almost 2 weeks! Our connection would just disconnect for 3 to 5 minutes then get reconnected after. The experience was terrible and frustrating. I can’t thank their technical support agents either since most of them gave me the run around and couldn’t give me a satisfying answer whenever I asked for feedback regarding our connection problem. Even now when the intermittent connectivity got fixed, I can still observe disconnections every now and then.

This is one reason why we decided to try PLDT DSL. I was really impressed by how their personnel handled us as new customers signing-up for their service. I asked my husband to ask them if they could prioritize us since we need our internet right away never mind the phone. Luckily, we got our phone the next day then the internet the day after that. Though, I must admit PLDT is much more expensive than what we’ve been paying with Globe but their stable connection and great customer service is more than enough compared to the headaches and hassles we’ve experienced with Globe. Now, I’ve been observing our connection with PLDT and so far I’m more than satisfied with the speed I’m getting. Their connection is stable and doesn’t fluctuate. And since I’m fond of downloading stuff online it’s a hell lot faster! So, in conclusion I’ve decided to stay with PLDT and get rid of our Globe Broadband DSL soon.

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