Witribe Vs Globe Wimax

I've been using wi-tribe for the past 5 months now. I'm subscribe to the 1mbps speed. Average speed based on my experience range from .40mbps-.80mbps. the service is quite reliable. The only thing the I dont like about it is the limit of 6GB for 1 month. Internet browsing alone(facebook, cityville all day and other zinga game took a lot of kilobytes ) if you watch you tube during peak hours it will ruin your budget for the kb for the whole month.

What I ussually did is not use you tube and never download anything. just pure browsing.. during 1am-7am i usually download things I need to download for the month because it's 75% off.. So i decided to try Globe WiMAX. I risk the fact that I will have to pay for the cancellation fee for Witribe if I will switch service. Globe WiMAX offer 30 day money back guarantee anyway. Dont get me wrong guys but the bottom of my heart I would love to have Globe wimax plan. 1295 you'll get 1mbps and a phone line. I'm paying 998 for witribe for a very limited data usage that somehow doesn't fit to my usage.

These are my observations..

Activation: Witribe modem was brought by an agent. she plugged it and that's it! the surfing begin. and it's really fast. With my clean pc during the first days of my wi-tribe speedtest.net gave me range of speed from .75mbps-1mbps+.. and I am so happy.. I so I tried to download and I forgot the limit.. after 2weeks the speed went to 512kbps.. but speed is ok.. after a week it went down to 256kpbs.. I can still open my cityville level 72 with a lot of things to load.. and my last 3-4 days was 128kbps.. slow but at least working.

Globe WiMAX

They installed it at home .. took some hours to finish .. what a hassle when they have to climb to the roof to put up the antenna... since I first experience super wireless wi-tribe.. i wonder why antenna is needed thinking that since it's "wimax" they said it's something like "support" or whatever. First day .48mbps.. for the whole day.. forgivable.. second day .30mbps it's started to be annoying.. I plugged my witribe modem i got .62 mbps.. 3rd day.. patience is running out of my system.. it's giving me "service unavailable" plugged my witribe moden.. internet is back working.. I know is has nothing to do with my pc or else wi-tribe will be slow too.. 4th day:: i'm pissed

Phone line is not yet activated. they promised 3 days.. i started calling globe they said phone line will be activated within 3-5 business days.. and about my internet connection, they said the famous script " my service enhancement po sa area nyo" ... no connection from my globe wimax at all .. and it's just 4 days!!! unbelievable. I will give it a chance for a week.. give me more unsatisfaction and surely I'm gonna get my money back within 30 days and return their piece of junk!

Opinion by kayeshin


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