5 of the World's Most Expensive Meals

Surely in this trying economic time, most of us are trying to get as much value for a buck. However, there’s another world where people are willing to pay for everything even for the most outrageous and expensive meals. If you’re rich and hungry, these expensive meals are for you.

1. Thousand Dollar Feet- For those who love eating duck feet, you could use a fancier version than what you’re used to. If you hate feet, well the price alone would make you want to gobble this culinary treat. This is Silks’ specialty. Silks is a posh Cantonese restaurant in Australia where you can have this treat for $138 (for 100 grams).

2. The Golden Egg – For the affluent who thinks breakfast is the main meal of the day, this $1000 omelet might just hit the spot. It’s not called “Golden” for nothing. This over-priced egg can be found at Norma’s Menu, a restaurant inside Le Parker Meridien Hotel in Manhattan. This restaurant boasts of pricey meals all said to be worth every penny spent.

3. Kobe Beef- Japan is widely known for its Kobe beef which is unbelievably a melt in your mouth beef. Aragawa Steak House in Tokyo is popular for its Kobe beef finely sliced in its juicy delectable goodness for a hefty price of $277. You can ask for a side dish of your choice preferably a salad or a bowl of rice for this meal. You can, but it’s considered a crime to order anything with this meal beyond black pepper and a tad of mustard.

4. 95 Pound Burger- You might think a burger this heavy is insane but we’re talking about British pounds here. A burger is a common man’s meal but not this $195 burger. So what’s in this expensive burger, you might ask. Japanese Wagyu Beef is massaged and seasoned with organic white wine and Himalayan rock salt and garnished with leafy green lettuce, crunchy fried onions, bacon and mayo all stuffed in seasoned Kaiser roll. But the surprising thing here is, it was served in a Burger King restaurant in London. Although a short-lived menu, this was gourmet burger at its finest.

5. Golden Opulence Sundae- Found at New York City’s Serendipity Cafe. This expensive ice cream dish is dubbed as the World’s Most Expensive Dessert by no less than the Guinness Book of World Records. Made with seemingly ordinary ice cream ingredients and toppings, the price suddenly skyrockets to $1000 when adorned with the 23 carat leaf in edible gold.

For many of us, our idea of fine dining might not rival with those of the rich and famous. But the luxury of fine dining says that these lavish meals may be well worth the price.


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