Fight for the Future SOPA Act Breaks the Internet

The Internet is now in combat particularly in the US. Our beloved leading Internet companies such as Google, Facebook, Mozilla, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo, AOL and Zynga have just sent a joint letter to oppose the bill called “The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)” in the US House of Representatives.

Please know how this bill works through the video below.

IMHO, I believe the Philippines will be affected much if this bill will pass in the US congress. I am taking it as Philippines as one of those who have large Internet users in the world. This bill The Stop Online Piracy Act is believed to threaten the ability of the Internet industries to continue offering important software and web services to billions of users who rely on them, as well as those who rely to their innovative technology. If that is the case, a lot of free access we enjoyed now wouldn't be possible in the future.

At this early stage, we still can’t see that much how this bill affects Internet marketing world especially with the online entertainment companies. But some important things are clearly been mentioned that this will chill freedom online, companies to undue liability, expose Internet users, be abused by plaintiffs, and still ultimately fail in its goal to thwart piracy.

Here are some of the most important articles to read along with this action.

Fight for the Future SOPA Act Breaks the Internet

Here's what you can do?

Sign the petition at White House petition and for those outside the United States, you can sign this petition. Follow on Twitter Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).


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