Convert WebPages Into eBooks With dotEPUB Chrome Extension

Quite often, it is not possible to sit in front of your computer and read lengthy text. You simply do not have enough time to read it. However with dotEPUB Chrome extension, you can simply convert any web page into eBook which you can read on any epub compatible device such as e-readers, tablets, netbooks etc. The extension helps you to take a text from a particular website and generate eBook whose file format is .epub. After saving the webpage we you read the articles later on. You can also read them when you are not connected to the net. The URL is included in the file which helps you to find the original source when required.

Working Of The Extension

As you can see in the screen shot, when you install the extension, a green icon is highlighted beside the address bar.

Now when you have are on a web page which has an interesting article (here we are reading a wikipedia article on Sachin Tendulkar) and you find very lengthy, all you need to do is to click on the green icon and the entire webpage is converted into an e-book format which can be saved and read at will. You can read the article on your desktop, laptop, iPhone or Android devices.

Download dotEPUB Chrome Extension

However, one thing you must note that until and unless, you do not have software capable of reading of .epub files, you will not be able to read them. You need to decrypt it to read them. Stanza Desktop is one such utility which helps you to read epub files. When you download it, you can export the .epub file and read it at ease.

Download Stanza Desktop


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