How to Change Virtual Memory size in Windows 7

Virtual memory is the memory space allocated on a hard disk that is used by the operating as a RAM to enhance system performance.

You can change Virtual Memory size in Windows 7 in the following way:

1) Right click on the Computer icon on your Desktop and select Properties.

2) In the System window click the Advanced system settings link in the left panel as highlighted below

3) In the System Properties window click the Settings… button under Performance section under Advanced tab

4) In the Performance Options dialog box select Advanced tab and then click Change… button under Virtual memory section

5) In the Virtual Memory dialog box thus opened, uncheck the Automatically manage paging file size for all drives option

6) Now select the disk partition for which you want to change virtual memory size and click on Custom size dot.

7) Here set the Initial size and Maximum size in MB in the text boxes provided as highlighted in the above figure

Note: Before changing the virtual memory size read the Minimum allowed, Recommended and Currently allocated virtual memory size as highlighted in the above figure

8) Click OK button

9) You will be notified to restart your computer for the changes to take place. Click OK button.

10) Click Apply and then OK button in the Performance Options window

11) Click OK button in System Properties window

12) Close System window.

13) Restart your PC immediately or later for the changes to take effect or as per your convenience.


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