Huawei BM622i Admin password generator/crack

Guest Post By cyb3rc0n

Hi guys, I just recently reviewed Globe WiMax internet service. It was good but not that really good, since WiMax 4G is not yet fully expanded here in PH. Speed was awesome on my 1Mbps plan, but there is a catch for the Plan 995 a month on 1Mbps net speed. I am only alloted of 20-25gb total download and upload file size limit and if I exceed in less than a month (30 day) period I will be capped at around 300kbps net speed. Normal speed goes back on the 1st day of succeeding month.

Before my free trial period ends I decided to terminate my WiMax connection and stay with a wired connection. I still have the modem with me but its already inactive. What I'm gonna do is to play with it and maybe I could try to change MACaddress to have net access for free...'harhar"...

For now, I just wanted to share how to access the user admin for Huawei BM622i 4G modem. For those Globe Wimax new subscribers, this modem is what they include in the plan package.

1. Download this file wimaxBM622i password generator here
2. Extract the downloaded file using WINRAR, 7zip, or compatible .rar extractor
3. Open/Click this file 'ExcelAccess.exe' from the extracted folder.

4. Now you will have to get you MAC address under your Huawei BM622i modem (under the bar code you will see MAC: AA11BB22CC33) something like that.

5. Enter your MAC here

6. Click 'GENERATE' button to generate your admin password and will show something like this below

7. Now copy/paste that in your notepad (you can use ctrl-c & ctrl-v to copy paste), so you can remember easily.

8. On your web browser got to URL: and then enter username: admin and your generated password.

9. After a successful login, you will now be able to fully administer your BM622i 4G modem, and will be able to open other special tabs.

Hope this helps.... just leave a comment if you appreciate my post.
I got this from another forum site, and wanted to share my own experiment, and so I made my own procedures. Enjoy!


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