MiVeu iPhone Case Transforms Your Smartphone Into A Rugged POV Camera (video)

Miveu has unveiled a new system at CES this month that has been designed to transform your iPhone into a rugged POV system. It has been specifically designed with a custom optical glass lens. Extending the viewing angle of the iPhone to record video from the an amazing perspective that would otherwise not be available.

The custom lens is attached to the iPhone using a rugged customised case, which incorporates a simple tactile shutter button providing easy operation even when wearing thick gloves. Watch the promotional video after the jump to see it in action.

The case has been designed to be used with a body mounting harness, and easily clips in and out, enabling you to position it on your chest. However the straps allow you to mount the case on your leg if you prefer for snowboarding to provide the perfect point of view camera angle.

As well as the harness the universal bracket mounting system allows you to strap the device to a ski pole, roll bar or the suspension of your bike or race car. Allowing you to take footage using your iPhone’s camera, which you never dreamed possible before.

The Miveu Harness and rugged case is now available for the iPhone for $80.

Via Gizmodo, MiVeu, Pocket-lint


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