SMART Shows Upcoming 4G LTE Broadband Stick on Its Product Page

It’s already a public knowledge that SMART Communication has been testing a new mobile wireless technology for quite a while now. That technology is classified as 4G (4th Generation) and is known by the acronym LTE which stands for Long Term Evolution.

4G LTE was by far the fastest mobile wireless technology in the world. SMART reports that it can deliver as fast as 50Mbps data transfer rate. For consumers, SMART claims that it can download a one-hour HD movie in less than a minute, while a 200-mb upload is done in 5 seconds!

Today, if you check SMART Bro’s product webpage, you can notice that they already added the upcoming broadband stick for 4G LTE.

Note: SMART’s 4G Rocket Plug-it is also a 4G technology but is not LTE. Instead it was using a technology called HSPA+.


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