Ubiquiti Bullet 2

By Shawn of Air-Stream.Net

I've had a few emails off the back of the Groove picture Reviews, asking "Will the Groove work on an Omni?"

To which technically I can reply 'Yes!', however the 'Omni' everyone thinks of is a 2.4GHz Omni for client access. To which the Groove will not work with, as it is 5GHz only.

So what else is out there? Well in the Integrated Space, the only current option is a product by Ubiquiti, called the 'Bullet'. Put simply, its a 2.4GHz version of the Groove. More technically the operating system is far different.

The current offering from Ubiquiti is the Ubiquiti AirMax Bullet M2 HP (M2 = 802.11n single stream)(HP = High Power).

I have an original Bullet2 here in the picture, but fundamentally their build is nearly identical, so for the pictures sake it's the same device.

The only "big" draw back to using the Bullet, out of the box, is that they do not run RouterOS which is the Operating System of choice on Air-Stream at the present moment. (They can be 'sidegraded' to run OpenWRT which will give you some extra features, but this is a more advanced setup).

The 'plus' is you get an all-in-one Radio for your 2.4GHz omni antenna for clients to connect to!

If you want to know more feel free to contact me, or post a comment below, but for now enough talk, here are the photos!


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