Unifi Homepage Design Since Its Release

Since Unifi website is opened yesterday, if you notice, it had changed its homepage a few times, before settling with the existing design. Instead of testing, it’s more towards phase by phase deployment in my guess, but with a project at that scale, it makes me wonder if the preparation was done properly. Here is how Unifi homepage looks like from yesterday until today.

Index.html. This is Unifi’s first homepage design deployed on yesterday afternoon. No fancy graphic or flash, just a plain white page with information about Unifi’s package for residential and business.

Later in the evening, the homepage changed to this design, which is currently the main page for Unifi’s package for residential.

Index2.html Soon after that, a short splash page was added before homepage design above. The splash page remain until now.

Index3. Finally,this is what I believe to be the final design of Unifi homepage. So the sequence to get to view the Unifi package is splash page, this homepage, before choosing residential or business package.

Unfortunately, the link to the package detail is broken, clicking on the package brings you nowhere.


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