Baseco Bakal Boys

"Baseco Bakal Boys" is a docu-film about a boy who earns his living by selling scraps of metal in the murky waters of Manila Bay.

This is a semi-observational documentary which is also a narrative. It seeks to explore the world of boys submerged in the sea of poverty that they don't have any choice but to sell and perhaps steal scraps for food. Except for some familiar actors, there is a sense of realism in the way the characters acted, as if we're invited to journey into their world.

Video Trailer via YouTube

Baseco is an eye-opener to the world where poverty abounds and all the risks one has to take in order to survive. But life is not all food. There are signs of life elsewhere - through friendships, generosity, and dreams of a better life. The world continues to exist because of these. Of course, everyone should do their part so that not one, not even children, should end up dying on the streets for a scrap of food.


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