Digitel DSL Broadband Setup Huawei SMartAX MT880 Modem Router

1. Launch your favorite web browser i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Seamonkey, Opera etc.

2. Go to If you are asked for a username and password, input Username: admin & Password: admin

3. Click Basic on the left pane and then click on WAN Settings.

4. Go to the row labeled “PVC-1” with VPI/VCI values of 8/35 and then click the Pencil icon under the Action column. (An entry would appear below listing the settings of that particular PVC you have selected to configure.)

5. Under Operation Mode, click Enable.

6. Select PPPoE for Mode.

7. For Encapsulation, select LLC.

8. For the Default Route, select Enable.

9. For the IGMP, select Disable.

10. Type Digitel for the Service Name.

11. Modify the username and password.
Username: <10-digit data number@digitel>
Example: 245887xxxx@digitel
Password: <0 + 9-digit account number>

12. IP Unnumber is set to Disable.

13. For Use DNS, click Enable.

14. Click Submit.

15. Click on LAN Settings on the left pane and select Disable for IGMP. Then, click Submit.

16. Click Tools, then click Save and Reboot. Select Save, then click Submit.

17. Select Reboot, and then click Submit to complete the setup. Wait until the modem is fully booted up.

18. Launch your browser to verify if you have Internet connection.


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It is not a router , just a modem .

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