Digitel DSL Broadband Setup ZTE ZXDSL 831 Modem Router

1. Launch your favorite web browser i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Seamonkey, Opera etc.

2. Go to If you are asked for a username and password, input Username: admin & Password: admin

3. Click on the Quick Configuration link.

4. Select PPPoE LLC for the Encapsulation.

5. Set VPI to 8 and VCI to 35.

6. Set Bridge and IGMP to Disabled.

7. Use DHCP and Default Route are both Enabled.

8. Under PPP, modify username and password.
Username: <10-digit data number@digitel>
Example: 245887xxxx@digitel
Password: <0 + 9-digit account number>

9.Use DNS is enabled, then click Submit to complete the setup. Other fields remain default as shown below.

10. Click the Admin Tab.

11. Click Commit and Reboot.

12. Select Reboot on the Reboot Mode.

13. Click Commit, and then click Reboot to complete the setup.

14. Launch your browser to verify if you have Internet connection.


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