Lemon Juice Teeth Whitening

When searching for natural teeth whitening methods on the internet one of the most common you’ll come across is to brush your teeth with lemon juice, or rub lemon rind over you teeth. While you may see a positive result the first time you use lemon juice for teeth whitening this means will seriously damage your teeth, and over time will actually make them even more yellow.

The reason for this is that lemon juice “whitens” your teeth due to its highly acidic nature. The acid actually erodes the enamel of your teeth and destroys calcium. When you consider that your teeth will naturally decay when you do get the right amount of calcium, then it’s plain to see how damaging lemon juice can be to your teeth.

Once the enamel is completely eroded the dentin of your teeth becomes exposed. Dentin is supposed to support the enamel, almost like the skeleton of the teeth. However dentin is a very yellow color and also decays easily so you want to have as much enamel covering and protecting it as possible for healthy, white teeth.

So all in all using lemon juice for teeth whitening is not something I’d recommend. If you’re looking for a safe, cheap teeth whitening method that you can perform with simple household items then I suggest you read the page we have written about baking soda.

You might also want to read the 10 health benefits of lemon juice, I love comments feel free to say something please leave your message below.


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