Globe Broadband subscribers can't access Google

Guest Post via 360plus

A week after the devastating earthquake shook the Visayas region last January, I could barely access Google and its related sites. I thought I was just having some DNS issues, so I used the DNS services of Google and OpenDNS. However, it didn’t solve the problem. I checked my internet connection with but everything seemed fine. The connection was stable, download speed was at maximum, and latency was very good. The situation was giving me an extreme headache. What is happening to Globe’s DSL connection?

I phoned up customer service and narrated the problem. It seemed to me that they have no clue as to what I was talking about. Of all the websites, only Google and Google related sites were inaccessible. They promised to send me a technician. The next day, the technician called me up and told me that he reset the cabinet to where my internet line is connected. He instructed me to check the connection once I arrived home. Since then, I was able to access Google, Gmail, YouTube, and Blogger. But just recently, the problem has returned. I made several phone calls to customer service but all of them sounded like a bunch of dimwits.

The audio below is an actual call made by a friend who is experiencing the same problem. I had him record their conversation so I could upload it here. Listen how the customer service agent from Globe answers the questions like a simpleton.

Transcript of the conversation below:

Customer: I'm sorry...ah hindi ko nakuha...what seems to be the problem again?

Globe CSR: For days po kasi, sir, nagkaroon kami ng problem, po, on our end naman po ito sir. The system that we are using for us to be able to access the datas po, that...ah...ginagamit po namin for us to easily determine yung mga factors na

nakaka-affect sa connection. So hindi ko po ma-proprovide sa inyo yung mga details for the concern po dun sa connection

problem na kino-complain po ninyo.

Customer: Ok, umm about this. Umm...dun kasi sa ano ko, this has been like, umm, this has been a problem

previously, ok. It's been like two weeks or three weeks na that Google seems to have a problem. Are you aware with that

problem already? Not yet?

Globe CSR: wala naman pong reported po sir...

Customer: Oho! so you're saying na, ano, ako lang ang may problem e dito sa internet...a lot of forums in the internet are

talking about your connection that your provider or your network cannot access Google and Google-related sites. Are you not

aware of that?

Customer: far po sir is wala pa naman pong nagiging advisory for that kasi usually po for this po is yung mga

network issues...

Customer: Oh yeah...umm...ya kasi it seems futile kasi if I like, you know, umm...Can you give me a supervisor please so I

can...kasi I haven't spoken to a supervisor pa for this problem and I'm just hoping na he can address this issue or


Globe CSR: right now...

Customer: Kasi right now I'm trying to access Google then it seems na intermettent yung connection (sa Google lang ha, I'm

talking about Google). It seems na intermettent yung pag-connect niya...ngayon naka-connect ako tapos ilang minutes mawawala

nanaman then ngayon nawala ulit. But when I change or switch IP...kami kasi I'm using dynamic ata ito, diba, pag ano nag-

switch (dial-tone interruption is heard - sounds like dial keys being pressed)...Hello?

Globe CSR: Yes po, hello po.

Customer: Ok...umm, yun. It seems na I cannot connect to Google, so maybe I can speak to a supervisor?

Globe CSR: Hmmm...sige po, so i-address ko na lang din po yung sa concern po ninyo. But then again, let me just remind you na

lang din po (same dial-tone interruption is heard again).

Customer: What is that...what is that tone?

Globe CSR: Hello, sir? Hello po? Opo. So pasensya na po, nagkakaroon po ng problem...naka-mobile po kayo ngayon sir, no?

Customer: Yes.

Globe CSR: Hello. Opo sige po. So regarding po dito sir, katulad po nung na-mention ko eto po kasi yung the

information po that I have given you, yung para po dun sa concern po for the...yung sa na-mention niyo nga po na nagiging

problem is hindi niyo na-aacess...(endless dial-tone interruption is now heard and the call session ends).


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