How To Check SmartBro Bill Online?

An alternative way to view/check your SmartBro billing statement. Last month when my sister text me and asking for a money to pay our Smartbro monthly bill in bayad center. I told to her send me a scan copy of smartbro bill of statement so that I can view how much exactly I had to pay. But the problem is, she said, she have not yet receive any copy of smartbro bill of statement to our mail address. She go to our town post office to check if there's already a mail from smart.

Unfortunately, she found nothing. To find out how much I had to pay. I browse the internet and visit website. And I found that our mobile number and even smartbro account can be register to their site. And can access the following detail.

For Mobile Subscribers
  • Check Balance
  • View and pay bills
  • Activate Services
  • Monitor account activity
  • Submit help tickets
For Smart Reload Retailers
  • Check Load Wallet balance
  • Request for statement of account
  • Block Load Wallet for lost SIM
For SmartBro Subscribers
  • Smartbro Check balance
  • View Smartbro bills of statement
  • Subscribe to unlisurf package
  • Submit help tickets
I decided to register my sister smartbro account so that we don't need to wait to come in our mail address the smartbro bill of statement. And if I need a copy. All I have to do is just log in to smart website, click check the Smartbro bill of statement to find out our due date and how much should i pay and then print a copy for me. It easy to use anytime and anywhere as long as you have internet connection.

To register and to check you smartbro bill of statement. Here's how:

1. Go to and then click manage my account from upper right side corner of smart homepage. You will prompt to a smart log in portal. See smartbro snapshot photo.

2. Click, Register Now. Then fill up and give the necessary information needed (for smartbro registration use the smartbro reference number). You will receive a confirmation email link. Click that link you've receive and continue fill up the form until you finish. See smartbro snapshot photo.

3. After clicking the submit button. You will receive again an email telling that you have successfully register your account. You can now log in by using username or your smartbro account number and password you've provide during registration. Then, manage and check the bill of statement of your mobile and smartbro account. See smartbro snapshot photo.

4. Once you're already log in to smartbro portal you can now explore, view and check your smart bro bill of statement as shown picture above.


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