SmartBro Bypass Redirection Portal

If you are the last mile that can not be reach by DSL then most probably the option is SmartBro a wireless ISP uses the Motorola canopy antenna for wireless broadband. A subscriber of this ISP usually lock for one (1)or two(2)years for the older customer. After one (1) or a maximum of three (3) months of not paying your bills your internet service will be disconnected by SmartBro provider so there is no way you can surf the net except you will be redirected to as you can see the above picture.

Now, everytime you will surf the net, all the sites are redirected to Smart Bro’s portal site. I have been reading forums regarding hacks that would allow one to bypass the ISP portal page. I also have tried them all to my pc but none of them worked. I guess, those people who posted those hacks are hoax hackers. They only did it to create a name among other users, right?


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