Got My G-Cash Card

For a Globe Telecom subscriber, having a G-CASH wallet can be very useful. You can send and receive money, load Globe prepaid mobile numbers, and shop from local online stores in, Multiply, and others. Transactions are done with just a text message from any Globe or TM phone.

Cashing-in is very easy. You can go to any Globe centers or 7-11 outlets all over the country. The problem is cashing out. You can withdraw money from Globe centers, during business hours of course. What if you need cash in the middle of the night? This is now solved by the release of the new G-CASH card by Globe last October 1, 2010.

G-CASH card is a Megalink card that enables you to withdraw from any ATM machines nationwide 24/7. What's great about this ATM card is that you can upload your own personalized background. Now this feature, I like!

I applied at on October 28, 2010. The website said to wait for 2 weeks. Mine arrived around 3 1/2 weeks later (November 25, 2010). The person who brought it must have been a private messenger from Globe. He was holding alot of GCASH card envelopes to distribute. No sign of any courier logo. He doesn't even have a motorcycle to ride on! No wonder it took a long time to arrive...

  • G-CASH card is active and ready for use
  • Your G-CASH MPIN will serve as your PIN to withdraw cash from any ATM machine. If you forget your MPIN, call 2882
  • A transaction fee of PHP20.00 will be charged to your G-CASH wallet for every withdrawal using your G-CASH card


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