JAC Liner FREE Wi-Fi On Board; PLDT WeROAM

While, was driving along the stretch of the North Luzon Expressway last Friday I noticed a new bus company that provides transport service to Northern Luzon. Actually what really captured my attention was the banner at the back of the bus announcing that it’s the first Wi-Fi bus.

It’s amazing how much people have embraced being mobile. And it’s more amazing that a bus line is actually aiding that need for people to keep connected – technically or socially.

My curiosity got the best of me so I made a little research last night and I found out that Solid North bus company is actually the sister company of JAC Liner Inc., one of the major transportation provider in the Southern Tagalog region. I also learned that the Wi-Fi access in their buses is powered by PLDT WeRoam. It was my first time to know of PLDT’s WeRoam so I also searched on that and discovered that mobile connectivity is made possible through the use of a mobile data card, with data speed of 384kbps to 1.8Mbps.

Considering that I now have so many activities online, a 24/7 internet connection is a must for me. Although we have our own airborne access at home through the use of a Linksys router, I find it a real hassle whenever I am in a place where there’s no internet access. I also have a Smart Bro Prepaid Plug-it but I find it more expensive compared to a post paid subscription for an unlimited internet access.

I used to compare the post paid broadband packages being offered by Globe and Smart, but learning about PLDT’s WeRoam, I now have more options to consider. As of the moment, I am still trying to determine which of the packages being offered by these three major telecommunication companies will best suit my need. One thing is sure though, I need to subscribe for mobile internet connectivity so I can have an internet access wherever I may be.


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