Gecko digilai poachers

Gecko is the madness of poachers in the country for allegedly able to treat various diseases.

KUALA LUMPUR, Gecko or gikgo. What are the real benefits of this animal as many hunters want to have the animal. Without realizing it many poachers are willing through the forest in the peninsula to find a gecko.

Gecko has been claimed to be sold at prices reaching tens of millions of dollars and at least RM20, 000 for each one.

Due to the madness with great prices, the animal hunters are starting to focus on finding the animal through the woods.

It was said before the name of the gecko climb word of mouth among the people of this country, the first animal is popular in Indonesia.

Imagine, geckos have become a business for people who live in poor villages in rural Indonesia as Banjarsawah.

They were prepared through the forest and catch the animal.

Gecko allegedly began to attract as many medical professionals believe that China and Korea, the animal is able to discharge from the treatment of cancer, skin and respiratory diseases.

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