Gecko lizards impossible to reach 64 kilos

LIZARDS normal Gecko only 17.6 centimeters long.

KUALA LUMPUR - A wildlife experts expressed doubts about the validity of the actual size of the giant lizards as found by a youth in Kalabakan, Sabah because of the lizard species are unlikely to weigh up to 64 kilograms.

According to Executive Director of the Wildlife Fund Malaysia (WWF) Malaysia, Datuk Dr. Dionysius SK Sharma, it is impossible for a lizard or scientific name Gecko forests can grow up to weigh it.

"Usually, this species is only 17.6 centimeters wide along the body just as much as 3 centimeters. Apparently the same as Gecko, but it is impossible but do not fall directly in the lizard family, "he said when contacted for comment on the report front-page Kosmo! yesterday about the discovery of the giant lizards in the state.

In fact, he suggests there is a possibility the file is not genuine and was modified to become larger.

"If indeed it is probably a strange species, but to me there is something wrong and not right here," he said.

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