Lizard (gecko) RM30, 000

Shotgu: Some villagers in several districts in the state is said to be busy looking for an animal of the species of lizards, two months ago claimed to be sold to reach RM30, 000 as a traditional medicine.

However, reptiles known as the gecko lizard gekko-charged rare and arrested, but there are villagers who managed to capture and store.

David Derani, 50, from Kampung Paya Mat Inson, near here, was among the people who managed to catch turkeys are also known as Pok-to the population as it produces a sound like a name and can be heard within a distance of nearly a mile .

David claimed that he caught the animal in the woods around Nami, near here, about two months ago, but he is only a small size which is about 20 centimeters long and weighs about 80 grams.

It is understood, gray-white reptiles can only be sold if the weight exceeds 300 grams.

I have no intention of selling it because its size is relatively small, but I understand there are people in Gajah Mati, near here, who captured the animal with a relatively large size of the offer price of about RM30, 000 by a boss from Sabah and Kuala Lumpur about two months ago.

I do not know to what use, but I understand it can be used as medicine for certain diseases, he said.

David said, people in several villages in Sik and Baling also busy looking for turkeys, but have not heard any people who are selling the animal.

Meanwhile, Director of the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Wildlife) Bangkok, Rahim Ahmad said, lizard-gecko gekko is not a protected species, and not an offense if someone catch and care for him.

Animal habitat is in the bushes around the house and the forest, but is relatively rare, he said.

via New Straits Times


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