Gecko lizards Laundering

Illegal, that is what it says in the latest ruling by the National Fatwa Council recently about the gecko lizard. I have also heard from the news and forums that Gecko can be used to treat a fatal illness such as AIDS and others.

But never again listen to a scientific study to membuktikannya. Boleh read the news below from

Translated Committee of the National Fatwa Council which met for the 95th time in 16 to June 18 ruling on eating and seek with lizards, geckos are prohibited.

In a statement published on the site e-Fatwa, the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), the National Fatwa Council members' view that the belief has classified the gecko lizard as an unclean animal eaten as they fall into the category of an offensive and a poison.

Thus, the Malaysian community is urged not to make animals commonly eaten as food.

To date, there is no scientific evidence and clinical trials showed that the gecko lizard could be the cure for certain diseases, according to a statement issued by it.

Earlier press reports had mentioned a very high demand for the gecko lizard and allegedly sold hundreds of thousands for a lizard if it is sold.

There are also claims that mention the lizard is able to treat HIV disease, however, until now no studies that confirm its validity.

Thus, the National Fatwa Council Muzarakah judge is forbidden to eat lizards, geckos on the side of Islam.

Meanwhile, for medical purposes is permissible use of the gecko lizard, provided effectiveness can be proven if there is no alternative other drugs that can be used to treat the disease, he said.

Last May, the media reported that a kidnapped Saidin Nazaruddin perniagaann due to his desire to meet the seller gecko lizards, known only as Ghafar, in the southern Philippines.

Nazarudin, 38, father of six of the eye was reported kidnapped a group of 10 armed men while he was in the southern Philippines when he was managing the purchase of gecko lizards in the country. So far the authorities have yet to see them.

After this there geckos prices will come down dramatically? Why not?


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