Gecko lizards seek employment Law studied

PUTRAJAYA, May 17 - The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) will refer to the Shariah Review Panel as quickly as possible to determine the status of the law seek to use the gecko lizard.

Director-General Othman Mustapha said, based on existing guidelines, laws seek to use poisonous animals, two natural living and eating dirty food, is illegal in the Islamic side.

However, he said, if the animals are the only resources available and proven in scientific terms, the ruling is a must.

"This thing should be discussed first as a study on the gecko lizard nutrition is not there.

"So, if I may say or not from the perspective of Islamic scholars to study and sit down together before final decisions can be given," he said when contacted by Utusan Malaysia here today.

He was commenting on the enthusiasm some people who are willing to find these lizards, including the deadly because they believe that these species are able to cure AIDS or kill HIV.

Othman warned people to be careful and do not easily influenced by the nutrients of a thing without evidence.

In scientific terms, he said, the effectiveness of these animals has not been proven to cure any disease and is doubtful.

"We are very welcome if the expert is able to present the study of nutrition gecko lizards to seek the law of lawful or unlawful use of these species can be determined," he said.

Meanwhile, Othman said, Muslims are also advised to be careful when engaged in the business of buying and selling animals because some scholars differ on the money proceeds of sale of the animal.

"According to the Shafi sect, if the animal is a problem that is illegal according to Islam, it will not be sold.

"However, some opinions as Hanafi allow the buying and selling process as in the case of fertilizers in a movement to permit the use of unclean even if it is dirty," he said.

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