Treatment with gecko lizards give risk to patients

Filipinos warned on Friday not to use the gecko lizard (gecko) to treat AIDS and dysfunction, and said that the practice in parts of Asia may give risk to the patient.

Environmental Officer has also stated about the growing trade lizard climbing the wall in the Philippines.

A gecko lizard weighing 11-ounces (300 grams) were sold at least 50,000 pesos ($ 1.160 dollars).

Lizard species is reportedly exported to Malaysia, China and South Korea, where they are used as aphrodisiacs and as a folk remedy for asthma, AIDS, cancer, tuberculosis and impotence.

Use them as a medical treatment has no scientific basis and may be dangerous because people may not get appropriate treatment for their disease, said a health department statement.

Treatment for asthma is easily available and affordable, while there are antiviral drugs to control the development of HIV, he said.


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