Tokek ( Lizard) Gecko

Tokek is the general name for the big lizard. There are several types of tokek, but the term usually refers to the type tokek tokek following home.

Tokek is a reptile house, known as large lizards, species Gekkonidae. Tokek home a scientific name Gekko gecko (Linnaeus, 1758). In other languages this animal called a pot or Achtung (Javanese), tok├ęk (in Sundanese), and the tokay gecko or tucktoo (in Britain).

Tokek are large lizards and large head. The maximum length can reach up to 340 mm, (almost half of the measure is tail).

Tokek often found in trees in the yard of the house, especially in the villages and forest edges. Territorial voice hard and loud, "tokke ... tokke ..",, a word pronunciation base name in different languages.

Tokek eat various species of insects, other smaller lizards, small rodents and birds may also be small. As of species of other lizards, tokek active mainly at night. Tokek sometimes down to the ground to catch prey. The day, tokek hiding in the holes of wood or stone pit.

Tokek attach their eggs, which usually amounted to a pair and each berlekatan, blend into the tree hole; fractured rock, or if at home, behind the cupboard or under the roof. Nesting place is often also used by some tokek together. Eggs hatch after two months.

This animal is widespread from eastern India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Tiongkok south and east, Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia and the surrounding islands, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi, Lombok, Flores, Timor, Aru Islands and the Philippines.


Be careful, tokek home often bite when captured. When held, will tokek gloated; ready to bite the person. Their bite very strong jaw muscles seem key until it was said that the bite tokek will not be released unless there is lightning strikes. Horrible is not it?

It's easy to cheat tokek not to bite while holding it. Put a bit soft, but hard on the mouth gape, as a piece of twig or a folded sheet of cloth-fold, which is not easily broken. Tokek be biting with a vengeance, until the pickup is complete to evaluate, inspect and measure the animal. So, be careful when dealing with these animals.

Tokek not be forced to bite to the last without hurting tokek. One way to escape is to immerse tokek bite animals in the water until it escaped. The easiest way is to dribble the vinegar into the mouth tokek. Usually it is enough to make the animal release the bite.


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