So only a few days ago did i really give gradient nails a shot. Before that, I was just too lazy to read up on how to get gradient nails. There are tons of techniques online, and you just kind of have to test and try them until you find one that works for you. I found one which i liked, and I thought i would explain how I got it.

SELECT TWO NAIL POLISHES, one should be a creme polish, the other should be a shimmery/glittery clearish polish that builds up color as you add more coats. For my nails, I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Sun kissed for my creme polish which is just a creme orange, and Color Clubs turn the other chic for the shimmery color that builds.

Here's the steps:
  1. Of course, prepare you nails, make sure they are clean, cut, filed, and if wanted, have a top coat on.
  2. Take your creme polish and put it on your nails as if you were doing french tips, putting the polish only on your tips. Don't worry if it isnt an even or straight line, it doesnt matter too much.
  3. Take your other polish and put it on about 90% of your nail
  4. Take the same polish and put on another coat, this time only doing about 75% of your nail
  5. Do the same as the step above, only, putting the polish on about 50% of your nail
  6. Repeat step five, this time on 25% of your nail
  7. Same as above, but this time just on the tip.
I tried different polish combinations before i found one that worked well, so if it doesnt work perfectly for you the first time, play around with it. :)

So, Do you like gradient nails?


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