Review for Revlon Powder Blush in 020 Tawny Peach

I got this Revlon blush in 020 Tawny Peach during a sale for 20% discount because my Clinique blush broke on me. I barely dropped it and it broke into a million pieces L! There were 2 shades I like, a pink one and a peach one; I think both were the 2 lightest ones.


This blusher contains no shimmer! I love anything non-shimmery and besides that I think that shimmery blushes just makes my face look..hmm I don’t know, overdone? Kinda like I’m going to prom or something. And I do get extremely oily on my nose and cheek area so shimmer + oil = Disco ball. A big nono.

It is a very wearable colour, great peachy pink colour, not overly orange and not flashy at all. The blush stays on all day! Even after blotting it still looks amazing, probably a slight fading of colour but not drastic which deserves my thumbs up. Medium fallouts on pan which is good for a drugstore blusher.


The container! Oh my god! I get so pissed about it. The lock is so hard to open I always have to use a scissors to push the lid up which is so troublesome. It doesn’t bother me as much as it did when I first got it but for picky people who focus on product packaging, this is fail. Or maybe I got a defective one (boo!).

The colour isn’t as pigmented as I hope it would be (extremely sheer), so I have to go over and over it. I will not recommend people with medium or darker skin tones as this might not show up. The colour goes on a little light and then deepens in colour. So do use a light hand and wait a little while for the colour to deepen on your cheek.


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