Do You Know Why Guyabano is called the Miracle fruit of the Tropics?

Guyabano or Soursop, scientific name Annona Muricata linnaeus is also known as guanabana in spanish and graviola in Brazil. It belongs to the family of Annonaceae. The guyabano tree is said to be native in tropical America.

It has a green, soft spine, pea-shaped fruit with a sweet-sour flavor. The fruit consist of a white edible pulp that is proven to be high in carbohydrates and considerable amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Potassium and dietary fiber. It is low in cholesterol, saturated fat and sodium.

There are a various concoctions that can be made out of a guyabano fruit. Aside from being eaten raw, it can also be processed into candies, tart, juice, shakes, ice cream, ice drops, fruit drinks, sherbets and other beverages.

Tip in making guyabano juice: The fruit must be fresh and remove the seed first before blending or juicing.

The guyabano is known of its strong anti-cancer benefits. It is a miraculous cancer cell killer 10,000 times stronger than Chemotherapy. It has been used as folkloric herbal medicine throughout the world. Various parts of the guyabano tree, has been used for centuries by medicine men and native Indians in South America to treat asthma, liver problems, heart disease, and arthritis.

Medicinal Facts of Guyabano:

  • It has a powerful anti cancer ingredients that helps fight different types of cancer such as colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreatic cancer by attacking malignant cancer cell.
  • It is used in reducing fever by boiling its leaves in water and drinking it orally or simply adding the leaves to bathing water.
  • The guyabano leaves can be used in killing bedbugs and head lice.
  • For skin eruptions, the fresh leaves of guyabano can be used for faster healing and is proven to help lessen scars.
  • It can also help alleviate rheumatism and other skin infections like eczema by simply applying a poultice of young guyabano leaves.
  • The juice of the fruit can be taken orally as a herbal remedy for urethritis, haematuria and liver ailments.
  • Guyabano seeds can be used as an effective spray against caterpillars, army worms and leafhoppers on plants. Just pulverized the guyabano seed and mixed it with soap and water.
  • In other places, guyabano leaves is used to induce a good night sleep because of its tranquilizing and sedative properties.
  • Protect immune system and boost your energy and improve your outlook on life


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