MikroTik RB751U-2HnD Review

RB751U-2HnD is undoubtedly the missing component in the product offer Mikrotik / Routerboard. So far, to take advantage of "Mordecai" as a typical WiFi router we were forced to make a set (eg RB433 + housing + interface + antenna) or to connect to eg RB750 with Access Point from another manufacturer.

For the first solution downside is fairly high price of this set, in the latter case the price is a downside beyond lack of a consistent environment. Just as in the case of RB750, RB750GL, RB750G new RB is enclosed in a plastic housing. In the middle of the distinctive element is the integrated radio module (AR5008 *) with a large passive heatsink. Distinguishing feature is also 3 built-in antenna. Seems to be a strange use MMCX connector for connecting an external antenna, it was definitely more practical to use RP-SMA-G.

RB751U-2HnD default configured as a "cable router" with the wifi interface ssid "MikroTik", which is connected to the lan ports bridg'a 2-5. The UUT, in addition to changing the name of the ssid and encryption enabled by default I changed nothing. The combination of a laptop combined with 130/130 Mbps. The resulting transfers when copying files to / from an FTP server behind NAT ranged at 60Mbps. Definitely a satisfactory result.

In Summary;

  • low price
  • strong and seem to wifi interface
  • compact housing
  • PoE
  • USB port
  • lack of Gigabit ports
  • MMCX connector


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