Mikrotik RB751U – Best Wireless Access Point For Business, Home Office?

Mikrotik has announced few very interesting new products at the last MUM in Hungary. One of them, SOHO access point Mikrotik RB751U, is especially exciting. It is powerful. 1000mW 2×2 MIMO N radio coupled with good CPU, RAM, and RouterOS, considered one of the very best router OS can give range and throughput that no other similarly priced wireless router or access point can possibly provide.

Mikrotik 751U is about twice as large (depth-wise) as the 750, but it’s first set’n ready Mikrotik access point featuring built in MIMO N 2×2 radio.

Comparing to building similar AP based on Mikrotik 411 series, RB751U saves a lot of headache: from assembly to figuring out the right parts to buy: the board, the right mini-PCI card radios, the case, antennas, power supply or PoE injector, cables, etc.

Mikrotik 751U price information isn’t available yet, but based on other Mikrotik devices I would easily assume it will be unbeatable – given the capabilities of the device.

Yes, 1000mW sounds like severe overkill for indoor applications, and users are better to know that, and reduce Tx power appropriately to avoid the unnecessary interferences – but after all it just gives user an option.

Mikrotik RB751U, RB751G in brief
  • SOHO 2GHz 802.11n AP
  • 1W output power
  • Antennas built-in
  • High power radio
  • External MMCX
  • MIMO (2Tx 2Rx)
  • A bit larger than RB751-2n
  • USB port (USB 2.0?)
  • PoE
RB751 availability
  • RB751U – April 2011
  • RB751G – Q3 2011


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