Smart LTE Party Launch At Boracay

It’s been almost two weeks since the night that I parted ways with my Smart LTE USB dongle from HUAWEI, the same length of time that I have been at home, rarely online, because my SmartBro connection has been very slow. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore so I called SmartBro’s tech hotline (*1888).

The rep told me that they were doing some system maintenance thing and that they were upgrading their servers. I wasn’t sure if it was just some line on a spiel but I had no other choice but to keep on hoping that like he said, my SmartBro internet connection will be back to normal in 24 hours. I went on with my life and behold! The next day (less than 24 hours), my internet connection got better. Whoopee! This got me to thinking that perhaps this system maintenance thing had something to do in preparation for the ultra fast SMART LTE connection (50 megabits and up). Then I remembered, I still have yet to share with you my experience that night I had to return the Smart LTE dongle that was lent to me.

It happened on April 23 in Boracay. I originally thought that there will just be a dinner thing among the Smart folks where I will have to share my experience about Smart LTE. Well, well, well…. Little did I know that there was going to be some major major party that night featuring not just cool fire dancers but the following as well:

Awesome firework!

Interview with DJ Paolo!

A quick photo ops with Andi Manzano, Jayvee Fernandez & Sir Doy Vea!

Concert by Rico Blanco!

It was absolutely fun, fun, fun!!!

It was black Saturday then and Smart had the biggest party from 7-10:00pm!!!

Suffice it to say that I miss SMART LTE. My online experience has never been the same since then. I really can’t wait til they launch it nationwide. God speed SMART folks! Thank you Rezza for this opportunity. It was really good to meet the acquaintance of Anne, Gay, Papa Jo, Alla, Jay, James, Dexter, Sir Ted, Sir Doy… I think I made some new friends there. I may have forgotten the names of the others but it was really great meeting you all. God bless SMART and keep being EXTRAORDINARY!

See more photos of the event here:


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