My Wi-Tribe Internet Service Personal Experience

I have been using a USB broadband connection for quite some time now. Well actually, I kind of tried it all - PLDT MyDSL, Globe Broadband, Smart Broadband, Destiny Cable, and just recently, the SUN Broadband service. I have even unlocked my USB in the hope to find out which of three big telcos can give me the best experience. Unfortunately, none of them seemed to work as I hoped them to.

I switch to prepaid because, I think you already know, I'm a cheapish. I felt paying more than a thousand bucks on a monthly basis on an internet service is too much. I wasn't using the web as much as I do now back then.

When I was looking for my post-paid choices, I came across Wi-Tribe's 598 plan. Over their website it is advertised as the Flexi 598 plan, which means that your plan would automatically switch from one plan to another when all of your allocated gigabyte consumption is consumed. This means that even if you're on plan 598, you can be billed 998 or even 1998 on the next months if you exceed the allocation. Not good news if you're a heavy netizens. And that's exactly what I am these days.

But when I contacted an agent near where I live, they said that there's a MOVE UP plan 598 - a fixed plan that would cost you the same amount throughout your 24-month subscription period. It would still be per a Gigabyte thing and you're only allocated 1GB for this plan. But instead of billing you more on the next cut-off period, they'll be reducing your internet speed instead. I think it's a better deal than the former.

So I tried it. I was given a WiMax CPE modem (WIXB-175X204PH-Liberty), all configured and ready, after I signed up the application form. When I get home, I just connected the wires and I got hooked to the internet. No other provider works as fast as this. Wi-Tribe's modems are configured once they're released. And they're just waiting for customer to take them home and use them. As NEAT as that.

Comparing it with Smart, which is my cousin's preferred connection because it comes with a wi-fi router, it took almost a week to get the thing working. But that's another story I'll share later.

Going back to Wi-Tribe, I modestly impressed with their service. I got one bar here at home but when we tested it at the kiosk, there's 4 bars. Maybe my location isn't that good. But I don't have any problems with the connection though. One bar signal still works beautifully. At least a lot better than what my measly USB connection can come up with.

After 24 hours I got my first email from them showing my account details. I was able to log on to my account and check my gigabyte consumption everyday. They update it religiously after 24 hours.

The only disappointment I have is that I am consuming more than I thought I would. On my 4th day of use, I was only 0.03 shy of reaching my quota. I have a whole month ahead of me. My only concern now is if the service would be unbearable when I go down to 256kbps. Right now, I'm running 512kbps and I'm satisfied. I don't go downloading stuff anyway.

Tomorrow I'll check my connection first think in the morning. By then I would have gotten over the quota. Then I'll have a feel of how slow is slow for Wi-Tribe. I hope my cheapish decision is a good one. Wish me luck!


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